Y.103, An Olfactory Ode of the City of Love

Imagine wandering through a store of perfumes this site, and letting different scents transport you to new adventures. On the shelves you notice a bottle: Y.103. This is not just another scent. This olfactory voyage to Paris is meticulously crafted and inspired by the iconic YSL MON PARIS.

In the heart of Y.103, there is a deep love of the City of Light. Its romantic nuances are what drives the fragrance. In the same way that Paris seamlessly blends modern chic with historic charm, Y.103 uses traditional and current scent notes to create its symphonic mix. But what makes it truly stand out is how much it pays homage to its muse YSL Mon Paris.

The first spritz Y.103 is similar to the first glimmers over the Seine. The first spritz of Y.103 is reminiscent of the first glimmers of sunrise over the Seine. When you linger on the fragrance, its heart will emerge. A sensual mixture of jasmine and white peony transports you to tranquil gardens at Palais-Royal. This is a fresh, floral scent that’s oh so Parisian.

Paris has a mysterious and sensual side. Y.103’s base is a blend of Indonesian patchouli (ambroxan), white musk, and ambroxan. This combination evokes Parisian nightlife, where elegance meets edginess and the city’s pulse syncs with you.

But Y.103 goes beyond just replicating the notes in YSL’s Mon Paris. It’s capturing its spirit. The spirit is a passionate, unpredictable love that will last forever. The spirit that runs through a city, which is as poetic and as pragmatic as it can be. ESNC Perfumery, through Y.103 pays homage to the timeless bond between smell, emotion,and memory.

You can reach for your bottle of the Y.103 next time you’re tempted by a Parisian adventure. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and allow the scent to transport you back to cobblestoned streets, riverside bistros, and rooftops at night.

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