What to Do and Not To Print Custom Stickers

Marketing with custom stickers is a popular method. Printing commercial labels is more complicated than just budget and design. This article discusses the how-to’s for custom sticker printing. Click for source!

All age groups love custom stickers. People love to stick them on their cars, windows, stationary and other surfaces. Customized stickers are a fantastic way to increase brand recognition. These stickers are an innovative form of advertising that instantly grabs the attention of customers. Custom sticker design is more complex than just a carefully planned printing budget or a creatively designed product.

Custom stickers can be designed in the way that you choose. Various settings are available to customize your stickers for commercial purposes. There are also legal and practical aspects to consider when creating your own custom sticker. These are some tips for custom sticker printing online.

Follow the Labeling Laws

Printing labels for products and services is a must. The laws governing labeling are important, especially if you sell food and beverages. Your products should have labels which follow the FSSAI guidelines on food and nutritional labeling.

Visit the FSSAI website to learn about industry-specific guidelines. Learn what you should and shouldn’t include on your custom printed stickers and labels. Tags and stickers used on clothing also follow FTC regulations regarding labeling of fabrics, textiles and other care information. Visit the website for more information about labeling and business rules.

Labeling products is governed by well-established laws and regulations. Before printing product labels and packaging, you should verify the applicable laws.

Think about the intended use of your labels and stickers

What will you do with your stickers? When printing labels for products, it is important to consider whether the product will be refrigerated or frozen. The quality of your sticker and the type of label you choose will be determined by how the stickers are intended to be used. Labels must be durable enough to resist outdoor conditions if your stickers are exposed to the elements.

Printing options for custom stickers online are varied. Custom stickers can be printed on paper weights up to 70 lb. You can choose matte paper labels or glossy labels. You can also print vinyl stickers that are waterproof and have a laminated coating. For outdoor applications, such as vehicle windows and shopfronts, layered vinyl stickers will last the longest. Before finalizing your print, you should check all the settings, including the paper, the printing parameters, the complementary colors, the paper quality and the color profile.

Always Prefer a Four-Color Printing Process

When creating and printing customized labels online, it is best to use a CMYK color profile or Pantone. It is equally important, however, to print using a four color process. Digital printers are not suitable for reproducing product and packaging labels. You can achieve excellent results by using a four color offset printing process. Printing stickers on high-quality paper will make them appear more vivid, precise and crisp.

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