What to do about tree sap on clothes?

You can prevent the staining of your clothing by taking the necessary precautions and acting quickly. The article below will explain how to get tree sap out of clothes and what to use if they do occur.

Preventive measures:

Consider Your Environment: If you are camping or going on a picnic be aware of the surroundings. Avoid placing clothes or sitting near trees such as spruce or pine trees.

Put a Picnic Blanket Under Your Seating. A picnic rug or ground cover placed under outdoor seating will prevent your clothes from coming in contact with the sap.

Clothing with less sap absorption is recommended for those who are hiking or going to the woods. Long sleeves and long pants provide additional protection.

Avoid leaning on or under the branches of trees if they have sap.

Tree Sap On Clothing:

Be quick: the sooner you act on a tree-sap stain, then it’ll be easier to remove. Let the sap not dry or harden.

This method is effective for hardening the sap.

Select the Correct Solvent. Different solvents work best for different fabrics and types of sap. For most fabrics, rubbing liquor is the best solution, while WD-40 works well for those sap stains which are stubborn.

Test on an Inconspicuous Spot: Prior to applying the liquid to the stained spot, test the product in a small and unnoticeable area to be sure that it won’t cause damage to the fabric.

The clothing should be washed as quickly as possible after treatment. For specific cleaning instructions, check the care label.

If you follow these prevention measures, and know how to remove tree sap stains from your clothing, then you can have fun in the outdoors without being concerned about sticky residue ruining your clothing. It is important to remember that the best way to remove tree sap stains from your clothing is by acting quickly.

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