What to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon

Anyone who decides to undergo our site plastic surgery procedure in order to alter their appearance is taking a big step. It is therefore important to choose a surgeon who can guarantee a safe job. You need to find a plastic surgeon who is qualified and ticks the boxes.

We are enlisting the assistance of Dr. Taylor Theunissen, one of Baton Rouge’s leading plastic surgeons, to assist us in the process of selecting the best plastic surgeon to perform your procedure.

How to Choose a Plastic Surgery:

Does Your surgeon have a board certification?

When choosing a surgeon, board certification is an important factor. It is important for patients to be able to determine if a surgeon has the proper training. You may think the most reliable way is to check the medical boards of the states, but the truth is the government doesn’t require that surgeons be trained specifically in each procedure they provide.

Check with the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery to make sure you are getting your cosmetic surgery done by the best source.

Are They experienced in the procedures they offer?

Many surgeons, as stated earlier, don’t specialize in all the surgeries they perform. Patients don’t know that even if a surgeon does specialize in a particular field, there are many different subspecialties. Ask questions about the surgeon’s training, their experience, and whether they have performed these procedures on many other patients.

Are their soft tissue fillers FDA approved?

Check if the FDA has approved soft tissue fillers before you choose a procedure. FDA approves the different products used on your face. If the FDA doesn’t approve certain soft tissue injectables for use in all parts of the body, you might need to choose a new surgeon because the procedure can be dangerous.

Do You Feel Comfortable?

In situations such as this, always trust your gut instinct. When choosing a cosmetic surgery, you should have an emotional bond with the surgeon. If you do not feel at ease with your cosmetic surgeon or their staff, then it is best to find someone else.

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