What is your best option for eyelid treatment?

You appear tired. Have you been having difficulty seeing yourself in the mirror? There is a chance that an eyelid surgery will be of benefit to you. The blepharoplasty procedure can alter either the appearance or shape an eyelid. It could be aesthetic or for functional reasons. With age, the top lid of our upper eyelids also descends. The end result is that certain parts of the face can become difficult to see. This loss of vision may also give the appearance that you are tired. This ageing also causes the bag beneath the eyes. Blepharoplasty will correct both conditions, find more.

In upper-eyelid blepharoplasty, the excess skin or muscle and/or fat are removed. The eyelid can be improved in appearance as well as the viewability. Some upper eyelid procedures are combined with brow lifting to get the best results. The most common lower eyelid procedure is to remove or move fat away. They can also include removing the skin. In some instances, removing the fat could result in a hollowed-out appearance. In newer lower-eyelid procedures, the lower lip is repositioned above the bones on the lower-side of eyelid.

Despite being common and safe both surgeries do have some risks. Be sure to consult an expert surgeon and provide all of your medical history. It is important to tell your doctor if you’re on any medication. This includes over-the counter and herbal supplements. To avoid the possibility of a potentially damaging outcome, it is important to inform your surgeon what medications you are currently taking. It includes herbal products and over the counter medications.

A skilled surgeon can help you determine the right procedure. After discussing with you your objectives and hopes, an informed and experienced surgeon can explain the results of the surgery. In order to obtain optimal results, certain patients might need to combine different procedures. In the event that there are functional issues, for example, a decreased ability to see due to an excess of skin above the eyes, the insurance company might be willing pay the whole or a part of the procedure. Sometimes, tests are required to verify if there is a function component. This can be done easily.

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