What a Brilliant Electrical Contractor!

Brilliant Electric Heating and Cooling has been named the best electrical contractor for the Chicago area. Why does it have to be the best? What’s the best? read more?

A contractor in electrical work is not just an electrician. An electrical contractor is an organization that takes on the work required for design, installation and upkeep of electrical systems. It is a business that gets involved in the construction work necessary for the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems.

Brilliant uses the same engineers to design and build the system as it does the electricians who will actually perform the construction.

Three functions are performed by electrical contractors:

Line contractors build high-voltage and transmissiondistribution lines. The line contractors are responsible for erecting the towers, and stringing the cables which carry electricity from the generating station to the substations.

Electrical contractors “inside” are responsible for getting electricity to the building, and distributing that power throughout. The prime electrical contractors are those who design, install, and maintain cables and electric systems. The contractors can work on all kinds of buildings, whether commercial or residential.

The “integrated building systems” contractor works with low-voltage system (think back-up generators and climate control, energy efficient lighting, telecommunications systems, fiber optics telephone wiring, security systems, telecommunications systems, etc.).

Brilliant Electric Heating & Cooling does not construct and install high-voltage wires. This is done by major construction companies. Our team is able to complete all of the tasks “inside”, as well as several “integrated” ones, starting from the beginning. Brilliant Electrical Contractor is a fully integrated contractor that can deliver all the required results.

Chicago, and all collar locations are familiar with our building codes. Working arrangements have been made with the municipalities to evaluate plans and inspect building codes.

We can help you in the following ways:

Install electrical panel (breaker box) or electrical cabinets. It is essential to have a working electrical panel in order to receive services from the main distribution points.

Install lighting for outdoor or indoor lighting. Also, smaller projects can be handled.

Power to add-ons such as new wings, garages, or additions. Brilliant is a Lutron Dealer. Lutron, the original inventor of solid state dimmers was founded in 1959. Today they offer over 15000 products for residential and commercial lighting applications.

Home automation design and installation, which allows the lighting to be controlled by a Smartphone. Tablet computers are included in remote controls as of writing.

Install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms in your home or business. Underwriters Laboratory will only approve these detectors if they are replaced at least every ten year intervals.

To help regulate the temperature of the building, locate, design and install attic and ceiling fans. They will not be able to cool or heat the room, but they will provide air movement and relief.

Find HVAC equipment including boilers, furnaces, water heating systems, mini-splits and air conditioning units.

Air quality systems can be designed, installed, and maintained.

Install, locate, and maintain a thermostat control system.

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