Variety of Storage

Brilliant Storage Limited offers a wide range of storage solutions, including warehouses and secure lock-ups. Both large units and seasonal Mi Ni Cang containers are built to meet different needs. The most popular choices are listed below, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading?

Storage Building

Organizations often use large structures, called storage warehouses, to store industrial equipment and inventory. Warehouse facilities offer flexibility and superior security. They allow you to access your storage unit 24/7, as well as a variety of options for space. These warehouses can cost more than others, but they are worth it for the security, flexibility, and comfort.


Container storage units are usually made up of containers that have been placed in a secure compound. Rental space is typically between 40 and 120 square feet. Renting a container can be cheaper than renting an entire warehouse. When left outdoors, containers are vulnerable to moisture, and they can also experience extreme temperatures during the seasons. Some items may not be able to withstand these conditions.


These “lock-up” storage spaces are smaller than most other options for storage. They often measure around 124 sq. ft. Lock-ups are usually accessible quickly, and they’re less expensive than renting warehouse space. Lock-up garages are less secure than warehouse storage because only the lock on the garage provides protection.

Furniture depositories

Some moving companies store the clients’ belongings when necessary. For example, if they need to relocate abroad or in a rental home. These are usually large and safe warehouses. The moving company handles the transport. Storage prices could be very competitive. Accessing the stored items could be difficult or impossible. Some businesses may charge you for every visit and others might be located far away.

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