The Renew Wellness and Recovery Program: Hope for Women Fighting Addiction

Renew Wellness & Recovery is a beacon for women seeking substance abuse treatment. Renew Wellness & Recovery offers women a way out in a world that can feel like an addiction is overwhelming, with recovery feeling impossible. Get the app.

Empowering women on the path to recovery

Renew believes that all women deserve the chance to live their potential, free of debilitating effects of drug abuse. Renew Wellness & Recovery, a sanctuary for women to embark on a journey of empowerment and healing is more than just a rehab center.

Compassion and understanding

The foundation for Renew’s work is compassion and understanding. Staff at the center recognize that addiction is often complicated and influenced by many factors including mental illness, trauma and difficult life situations.

Renew provides women with a safe environment to share their experiences without being judged. The compassionate approach helps women to overcome their shame and guilt which can be a barrier for seeking help.

Holistic healing for a brighter future

Renew Wellness & Recovery is unique in its commitment to holistic healing. It is understood that addiction does not just affect the physical body, but also the emotions, mind and spirit. Renew provides a variety of therapies, including art therapy, yoga, and trauma-informed treatment, to address the entire person.

Integrating these holistic approaches in the recovery journey empowers Renew to help women find harmony and balance, while promoting their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Renew is an environment where women are encouraged to embrace self-care and develop resilience.

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