The Best One Pot Recipes

One-pot meals are ideal for people on the run my blog. These meals will satisfy a single person, a single mother or even the entire family. One-pot meals are convenient because all the healthy ingredients can be added to one dish. It’s not necessary to prepare a side dish unless it is your preference. The preparation time is reduced, giving you more time to do what you love. In addition, many one-pot meals leave leftovers to be enjoyed the next morning. These four easy, healthy whole meals can inspire you with their ideas.

1. Crock Pot Meals- Crock pot meals, by far the best one-pot meals for busy people, are the leaders in the category. It’s as simple as gathering and preparing your favorite vegetables, grains, protein and potatoes. Add the ingredients into the crockpot, along with either water or chicken stock. Crock pot meals will cook all day, while you are working. You can prepare crockpot meals in such a way that you have enough leftovers. What could be easier than a meal you can prepare quickly, cook easily and have left overs for the rest of the week?

2. Casseroles or Stir Fries. While you can’t prepare them while at work because they’ll cook, these dishes are still a great way to get all your macronutrients in without much effort. Any casserole or stir fry can be easily enriched with protein, carbohydrates and fat. You can add different types of vegetables along with proteins such as chicken, pork or sirloin. Add your favorite seasonings and you will have the perfect meal. Casseroles and Stir Fries are both great ways to prepare a large dinner, leaving you extras for the next day’s lunch or evening meal.

3. Healthy Lasagnas – Yum, lasagna! The majority of people are shocked to hear that a healthy lasagna meal can be made in one pot. This is a very healthy, quick meal. Use a low sugar tomato basil marinara instead of the usual white pasta and whole wheat lasagna noodle. Combine light or lower-fat ricotta and ground turkey, lean meat or even chicken breasts as your protein. If you want to get your daily dose of vegetables, mix in diced vegetables or roast vegetables. You can also prepare this meal in advance and just pop it into the over when you get home. It is also likely that you’ll have leftovers from this meal if enough are prepared, so you can use them to make another meal.

4. Soups. Soups provide a nutritious option in a single pot. You can create endless variations of soups by adding herbs and spices. To add protein to your meal, you can use chicken, turkey or beef meatballs, chunks beef, pork, or even fish. Add as much diced vegetable as you’d like, and mix with whole grain grains, such a brown rice or barley, as well as wheat pasta. Soups may be prepared in a crock-pot, or cooked and heated in advance and then stored in the fridge. They can also be eaten the next day. What ever you choose, make it as convenient as possible.

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