The basic laws of Fort Lauderdale DUI Penalties and Fines

Fort Lauderdale DUI follows the Washington DUI law and implements the same procedure when they are able to penalize DUI inmates. However, there are quite a few issues that need to be taken into consideration in the event that a person has to deal by police and has been convicted of DUI within Fort Lauderdale. Will I be required to pay jail time? How long will I be being held in jail? What’s the probation time? What are the consequences? What are the fines? If yes, for what length of time? This is one of the most frequently asked questions that each Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney faces day-in and day-out from their completely ignorant and careless clients. Helpful resources?

Below are a few statutes, figures and facts on Washington or Fort Lauderdale DUI fines and sentencing:

First Washington DUI (Fort Lauderdale DUI)

The first offense will result in minimum 1 day or more than one year in prison. The court can be able to suspend or delay the punishment in the event that it is determined that the term of imprisonment poses a serious risk to an offenders mental or physical well-being. A court could order the installation of an EHM (Electric Home Monitoring Device) or alcohol breathalyzer at costs borne by the defendant, for 15 days.

A DUI is punished with not less than 2 days and not more than a year in prison. The court has the power to temporarily or permanently suspend the prison sentence only if it is determined that the prisoner is at a high risk of harming the physically or mentally. If that is the case, the judge may decide to set up an EHM or Electronic Home Monitoring Device (an alcohol breathalyzer that detects alcohol may also be included) at the expense of the person who is in prison for 15 days.

Fines and costs:

The BAC per se limit is Limits to $5,000 but not less than $300.

High BAC, Refusal of Test Limit: Not exceeding $5000, and not less than $500.

– Additionally, a $125 fee is charged from the individual who has been convicted or given deferred prosecution because of an arrest and sentenced lesser charge. The fee is paid to the Washington State Toxicology Laboratory.

Another $500 will be charged for compensation to the victim. 60% of fines will be utilized to fund safety and educational programs.

License Suspension

A first offense of BAC Per Se: 90 days or 3 months

If you choose not to take a test or have a high BAC, your initial offense can be punished by a calendar year (12 months) or by a one-year suspension.

Violations of Zero Tolerance law

90 day suspension

Conditional License:

First-time offenders can only get an injunction to license after they’ve been found guilty.

Have served the required suspension period.

Fort Lauderdale DUI (second Washington DUI)

Jail: time in jail – minimum 30 days to one year. 60 days of online home surveillance.

Fines and costs:

The second offense occurs where the BAC level falls below.15 The minimum is $500. maximum of $5,000.

A second offence occurs in the event that BAC levels reaches.15: Minimum $750 and maximum $5,000.

For additional offences, the charges are similar to the charges in the initial instance.

License Suspension:

Second offense BAC Per se two years or 24 months

If you do not test or have a excessive BAC, 90 days is the longest punishment.

The Zero Tolerance law

The maximum sentence is 1 year, or the minimum age of the infraction is 21 years old.

Conditional License:

There is no conditional license available to 2nd-time offenders.

The court is able to grant rehabilitation or community services to DUI offenders who are convicted for the first time and/or for a second time in Fort Lauderdale.

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