Ideas For Your Home: Decorative Painting Companies

A decorative painting company can help you transform your house from dull to stunning, even on a limited budget paradise painting hi. It is possible to change the look of a whole house or a single room with a fresh coat. Here are some current trends, as well as ideas for working with smaller spaces.

Bold Colours

Accent walls can be dramatic and still conservative without being tacky. The trend is still going strong from the early 2000s. One or two opposite walls are usually painted in a bright, bold color such as purple, red, blue or green while the rest is kept neutral. Subtle items, like throw pillows, a vase or a painting, can bring the color out. Due to the small size of the area, it is easy to change the color without much fuss.

Creative Floors

Hardwood flooring is extremely popular due to its elegant beauty and the ability to blend into many different design elements. But they can also be dented, scuffed or faded. This is especially unappealing when the floor has a darker stain. If you cannot afford to replace damaged wood, why don’t you emphasize the imperfections for a more weathered and antique appearance? The addition of a playful element in a room can be achieved by covering a wooden flooring, either completely or partially. White is the most common color. The paint will gradually fade and scratch, but this look is great for certain decors such as beach-house chic. Painting companies can create small rugs with patterns.

Paint patterns are a cheaper and more versatile alternative to wallpaper. Painters can replicate many designs such as lace, animal prints and pinstripes. The elements can be customized to your liking by choosing the colors and sizes. Paint patterns are great for accent walls, a whole room or just a portion of the wall. Many people opt to use patterns already present in their homes, like furniture fabric.


Textured paints provide a tactile finish which is pleasing to the touch. This is also useful to cover up damaged walls, which will not accept a coat of smooth paint. There are many different types of textures, from something that is a little thicker with a touch of grit and a little spackling to something like mud or a clay-like texture. The versatility of faux texture will help you avoid having people touch your walls. Fake textures, like pattern paints and faux finishes, can mimic other materials, such as brick, wood, marble or clay. These faux textures are perfect for modern homeowners who wish to recreate specific styles like an Italian villa, southwestern ranch home or brick.