St. Ives Carpets: Keep them Clean and Crisp!

Your carpet is suffering from spills caused by the Cornish pasty and sand on your feet. There’s an easy solution that St Ives homeowners swear by: carpet cleaning. Discover why regular maintenance for these soft-underfoot marvels makes all the difference. Additional info?

1. Allergens, say goodbye:

The carpets are huge filters. These carpets are great at trapping dust, pollen and sneaky allergies. This ensures the particles are not accumulated, so the air inside your house is cleaner.

2. Increase the lifespan of your carpets:

Consider regular carpet cleaning as an annual spa day for your carpets. You’ll find that they are more vibrant, rejuvenated and in a much better mood. These TLC treatments can give them an extra year of life.

3. Freshness is in the air:

Nobody likes the smell of a dirty carpet. You can always enjoy the fresh smell of a freshly cleaned home. Take a deep breath and enjoy the aroma!

4. Aesthetics, Baby!

The same as a brand new paint job, a clean carpet will make any room look fresh. The carpet will transform the room and make it feel more comfortable. Let’s face it, the room will look great.

5. Goodbye Mites & Bacteria:

Unchecked these little trespassers will make themselves at home in the carpets of your house. What about regular cleaning? You’re essentially putting a “No Vacancy Sign” out for the unwanted guests.

6. Stain? What Stain is it?

Red wine on a carpet is a heartbreaking experience. Regular maintenance can make those ‘permanent’ marks a thing of the past.

7. Long-term Savings

St Ives’ carpet-cleaning experts will tell that a consistent maintenance program can be incredibly cost effective. Replacing carpets? Not cheap. Keep them clean. Budget-friendly.

8. Boost Indoor Hygiene:

Cleaning carpets will make your home cleaner. The cleanliness of your house is not only about how it looks and smells.

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