Selecting the Right Carpet for You

Carpets are a must in every house. It is possible to consider treatment as difficult, but also easy. Trust our team at carpet cleaning riverview to take care of those carpets, which are either difficult to maintain or that are dirty and problematic. Of course, before anything else, everyone wants to get the best carpet possible for their house more.

It’s common to be confused by a carpet retailer, whether they are online or in a brick-and-mortar store. Buyers are often confused by the sheer number of carpet products they will be seeing. The brand, shape and size are all important. Which is the best carpet?

You should first determine the purpose of the carpet you wish to purchase. Are carpets simply to beautify or complement the room. Is carpet used to create a mood in the room or just as a complement? The use of carpets has also become more diverse as the carpet choices have expanded. What type of rug do you require? You can then choose the carpet that is right for you by understanding the different types.

Carpets are classified according to their shape

Tile Carpet
The shape has continuous lines of colour and resembles ceramic tiles. The simple, elegant shape is appealing. This carpet type is typically found in a large room such as a ballroom, meeting room, etc.

Tapestry rugs
This carpet can often be found in living rooms and bedrooms. Rug carpets can be used to enhance the decor of a room, as well as the seating, by adding warmth and coziness.

Tape Measure
This carpet can be purchased in meters, and its size is adjustable to suit the needs of each buyer. Many carpets can be found in places for worship, prayer mats and on special occasions.

Carpet Types by Construction

Cut Pile / Tufted
Fur is generally machine-made and usually has fur. Also called fur rugs if they have a texture like hair or are not woven.

Loop Pile (Dianyam)
Fur is either glued to the rug or woven. Some are made using machines, while others are embroidered by hands.

Different types of carpets according to their themes

The edge decoration is awash with art and the motif is bursting with it. Persian rug carpet is one example.

The motive may be simpler, but still conveys an elegant feeling. Combining colour and line elements to create an harmonious and balanced environment.

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