Selecting Industrial Painting Contractor

The term industrial painting is used to describe a wide range of commercial painting projects, including painting schools, government buildings and malls. It also includes jobs such as painting warehouses, hospitals, stores, offices, etc. The commercial projects require different perspectives and are larger in scale than the residential ones, click this link!

To begin industrial painting, the building must be thoroughly cleaned by using power washers to remove all the dirt and dust from its exterior walls. The older layers of paint are removed using water pressure sprays. After taping the doors and windows, the paint will not get inside the room. Primer is then applied as a foundation to allow for a seamless application of exterior paint.

After the primer has dried completely, only then can you begin painting. Paints of different grades and types are used for painting exteriors of buildings. The majority of industrial and business projects require the use of a pressure-feed sprayer. It can be a time-consuming process, especially if there is a big structure. For control of overspray and to speed up the drying process, electro-static charges are applied. Tapes should be removed only after paint has completely dried.

The painters who are working on large projects ensure the proper ventilation of the rooms and that nothing is in there that could cause a fire, as paint is flammable. While working on commercial project, there are fire and safety protocols that must be maintained. Also, the proper licensing is required before the work can begin.

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