Purchase The Right Nursing Shoes: 5 Tips

Nurses’ feet are among their most valuable assets. As nurses spend long working hours on hard surfaces, or standing in front of patients and doctors for most of that time, they need to wear proper footwear. Nursing shoes are essential for nurses. Without them, they can feel tired and get injured. If you are a nurse, it is important that you know how to choose the right footwear. Yes, this is also an art. Good shoes should have good arch support, and they should also be able to fit your feet comfortably. It should also offer ample support. The shoes for nurses should fit perfectly to your foot shape.

The following are 5 tips for choosing the right nursing shoe:

You should buy your pair of shoes at a specialty shoe store. These stores have employees who are trained to assist you in selecting the correct shoes for your job and feet measurements.
Follow your hospital’s guidelines: Most hospitals will have a list of rules for nursing shoes. For instance, some hospitals require that you wear white shoes. Others may even ask that you buy shoes made by a certain company. Check the hospital’s requirements before purchasing shoes.
Nurses must avoid shoes that are stylish but have openings, holes and cuts. Nurses’ work may require them to handle bodily fluids. This can make their feet vulnerable. You should wear shoes with a proper closure if you are a nurse.
Each pair of shoes should be tested for arch support. You should choose shoes with a flexible, but sturdy sole to ensure proper arch support. Sometimes, nurses will purchase extra inserts to add comfort. You can test your shoes to see if they offer enough comfort for your feet if you plan to do the exact same thing.
Do not buy shoes first thing in the morning. As you probably know, our feet swell up a bit in the morning after we awaken from sleep. Don’t buy your nursing shoes first thing in the morning. You can buy them in the afternoon or at night.

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