Professional Carpet Cleaning: What to Expect

The carpet has a mess after the party. Whatever you try, it’s impossible to get rid of the dirt. When you finally give up you search the yellow pages for a carpet-cleaning company to do the job. Find out more?

Finally, after a few calls to various people you got an interview with a firm that seems well versed in its field. Within a week, the company is on-time. So far, their professionalism is impressive. As this is your very first experience hiring someone else to clean your carpet, you do not know anything about what will be done.

In order to assist you, I have listed some of the services that a professional company can provide.

1. After the arrival of the serviceman, you should ask him to identify himself. You can also request that he show some proof of his affiliation with the company. This may require you to go with the technician to the carpets to examine the areas that are dirty and to have them cleaned thoroughly.

This is the time when he’ll point out any stains he cannot remove. Then he’ll discuss with you how to get rid of those he can. The best time to raise any doubts or concerns about the whole process is at this point.

2. After receiving your approval, the professional will start moving items such as appliances or furniture so that they can reach under them. The serviceman may have to use heavy equipment if you are unable to manually move the items. It is important to know that any fees should only be applied after you have been informed.

3. Cleaning officially begins when you have moved. Following is a description of how many carpet cleaning services operate.

Pre-vacuuming the dry soil and debris

Spraying conditioning agent (or pre -spotting agents) that helps break down stains/dirt completely

c. Agitation if carpet is pre-conditioned/spotted. This can usually be achieved with a powered rotary scrubber.

d. Rinsing. Rinsing doesn’t just mean wetting them until they are clean. In order to avoid over-wetting the carpet, it is best to use an electric machine.

Neutralizer: This agent will keep the carpet from getting sticky.

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