Pet Stains & Carpet Cleaning: How Do Professionals Handle Them?

Cleaning carpets is both a tough and a long-term job, important link! However, it is a task that cannot be ignored. This is something you will have to face one way or another. Sometimes it becomes urgent due to the four-legged friends of your family. You can scroll all you want, but if your pets are going to make an accident at home, then they’ll do it. Secondly, because you can’t watch them 24 hours per day, they have to be allowed to roam around and, while you are doing that, accidents may happen.

People don’t like cleaning their carpets by themselves. This is especially true if you have pets in your home. They prefer to clean their carpets with standard cleaners. The standard carpet cleaners will not do the job when dealing with pet stains. While they do remove the stain well, the odour is not addressed. However, the smell is still present. The only difference between now and before was that it’s a little less strong. The smell will not last forever. What should we then do?

Answer: Professional carpet cleaners. This is the person who has been trained for carpet cleaning. He or she also knows how to treat pet stains. It is easy to hire them through a professional firm. You will get a completely new carpet cleaning experience. Each company has its own unique way to work. In order to do their work they first identify the parts of the house which need treatment. (In case you only want the carpet to be cleaned in areas where pets have been injured), and they then wash, treat and dry the carpet.

Evaluation of House: The carpet cleaning professionals first determine the possible areas in the house that a pet may have had an accident. In addition to the primary areas, the carpet cleaners also focus on corners as many pets prefer these places because they are hidden and no one will see. They evaluate other areas, such as under furniture. In addition, the space is evaluated according to the type and number of animals. Then they prepare the proper documentation. It will save them time and make future tasks easier. It includes information about the pets and their types, where the accident occurred, what type of staining or smell was present, etc.

The professional cleaners of carpets begin by treating the discovered stains. The documentation states that they must treat all areas with stains. The treatment is a chemical mixture that they use to treat the stain. Different treatment chemicals are used by various companies. They spray the chemical on the carpet and let it absorb completely. During this time they also apply the chemical at other spots. When the only area that is affected is the one, then they will be sure to treat any small spots near the location.

The carpet should be vacuumed and washed after the stain treatment has been applied. They use industrial vacuums. Due to the fact that these industrial vacuum cleaners are stronger than regular household ones, they remove most of or at least the majority of all the dust and particles. Following vacuuming the carpet, cleaners then start the scrubbing/shampooing process. Shampooing is used to remove any residue and stains from the carpet’s fibres. Scrubbing is a delicate process.

After the shampooing process, it is time to dry. To dry carpets, these carpet cleaners make use of specialized equipment and tools. These tools absorb moisture as well. The carpet will not smell if it has no moisture. Drying the carpet properly is therefore very important. The area where the spills occurred cannot be found after the cleaning. It takes around two hours to treat the carpet.

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