Moldavite is what?

Because of its rareness and exceptional quality, moldavite has been a fascination for millions of years. An impact by a meteorite more than 15 million year ago in Bohemian, Czech Republic may have resulted the formation this greenish-colored mineral. This remarkable mineral resulted from the intense heat created by collision melting nearby rocks and sand. Read here!

Due to its remarkable appearance, rare availability, and curative powers, moldavite has been highly valued. The stone has been believed to increase bodily healing, improve intuition and support spiritual development. It can be used to manifest the best path possible and aid one in achieving it.

This gemstone’s natural beauty inspired crystal healers, jewelry designers, and spiritual seekers to incorporate it into their creations. According to legend, moldavite’s color symbolizes the interconnection between the Earth and the Sky.

One of its most distinctive characteristics is the fact that moldavite can be such an effective energy amplifier. When worn in jewellery, this stone can boost the energy and vibrations of crystals. The stone has been a favourite instrument of healing and spiritual advancement.

Also, moldavite may not be easily found. This stone has many advantages that can be added to your life, but it is not worth the investment.

Conclusion: Moldavite is a powerful and beautiful gemstone. It has been revered by many for its curative and beauty properties for thousands of year. First discovered in Russia, it has been used for centuries. Moldavite has a special beauty that’s worth exploring.

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