Maintaining Hose Reels for a Pressure Washing Company

Many pressure washing businesses will choose automatic winding hose reels go to my blog. Although this seems like a good way to save time and increase efficiency, Murphy can strike. More moving parts and more mechanism can mean that things could go wrong. It is easy to pinch a hose between the reel frame and the reel. We don’t recommend self-winding reels for hose reels. Hand crank hose rewinders are more efficient if you have double steel braided and high-pressure hose. If that is the case, the hoses may be too thick to use and will not roll up well. This is when a self-winding reel would be a better choice. It saves you time and can be used to wind your hose. Your hose reel will be unable to catch if it is overloaded with hose. The springs on your advance clicker may break if the hose reel is overstacked. It will keep trying to roll itself up as you are working. A problem can also arise if the hose is too long. You can correct this problem by removing the reel. You will lose the warranty if it is removed.

It is not recommended to spray the pressure washer when the hose has been rolled up. The pressure should be released completely from the hose. The O-rings can wear out and cause your swivel not to function properly. This can cause your swivel to leak. The cost of a new swivel is $30 to $55, depending on the quality. They are available at a hydraulichose dealer or a pressure washer sales business. You should buy one that is rated at 5000 PSI. You will have to replace it quickly if you get a cheaper one. This is especially true if your truck does a lot with steam cleaning. Hot water reduces the life by half. It’s therefore important to get ‘overkill’ with the swivels.

Preventative maintenance is a simple way to increase the life span of your hose reel. Two grease points are found on high pressure hose reels. These grease points should be lubricated whenever your high pressure hose reels start squeaking, or at least once a month during normal use. You should have a small, portable grease gun with you on your work truck. You will cause scarring on the interior of the movable parts and increase the likelihood of failure. This is similar in effect to brake rotors that cause brake pads on cars to wear quicker. O-rings are easily replaced yourself by purchasing a kit. You will find simple instructions with most O-ring repairs kits. It is important to keep all the parts intact. Without these, the unit will not function properly and may fail prematurely. Keep your equipment in good condition. It is your livelihood. You should think about it.

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