How To Understand The Parts Of A Flypole – A Wise Guide

It is not as simple as it seems. Becoming familiar with the various components used to construct a standard flagpole can help you select the perfect flagpole that will suit your purpose and that is correctly erected. These are the essential parts that you must be conscious of.

The main part of a pole. It is commonly made from aluminum, fiberglass or steel. The diameter and height of the pole may vary depending upon its intended location – more about the author!

Halyard: A rope or cable that is used to raise the flag and lower it. The halyard (usually nylon or polyester) is attached to a pulley located at the top pole.

Pulleys guide the halyard and ensure the flag is raised or lowered in a smooth manner. The pulley is typically found near the pole peak.

Clatch: After the flag has been raised, a cleat will be used to secure it and the halyard. Often found in the center of the pole, it is either made of brass or Aluminum.

Finial: This decorative element is connected directly to the pole top. There are many styles and forms of finials. They can range from simple balls to intricate eagles.

Collar: This is a decorative item that’s attached to the pole. They can be built from metals like aluminum or brass and give the flagpole a stunning appearance.

Base: The flagpole base’s structure is supported by a concrete or steel base. Depending on size and position of the pole the style and dimensions may be altered.

You can select the perfect flagpole for you by knowing its essential features. This will also help to ensure it is installed and maintained correctly. Take a look at all the components of a standard flagpole the next time. It’s a great way to learn about the complex engineering involved.

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