How to Dry a Damp Carpet While Keeping it Stretchy

Okay, you’ve heard the old tale of the soggy rug useful reference. You may have dropped a glass or two of wine, or perhaps the sky decided to pour a torrential downpour through the skylight above your living room. What ever the reason, you now have to figure out how to dry your wet carpets so that they don’t end up looking like a dollhouse. This is the sneaky issue of carpet shrinkage. You need not be afraid! These tricks will help you to stretch and cover your legs.

As water soaks in to your carpet, it makes the fibers heavy and saturated. The fibers may shrink when they dry. Shrunken carpets can cause problems, both in terms of fit and appearance. You can reduce the risk with some knowledge. Here’s how:

The key to success is gentleness. When you try to dry your rug, use gentleness. Avoid pulling, tugging or any aggressive method. This can increase shrinkage.

Avoid Over-Saturation : When cleaning your carpets, don’t use too much liquid. Balance is key between effective cleaning and preventing too much moisture.

Let those fans whirl around! To encourage an even drying, direct multiple fans towards the wet area. If possible, open the windows and let fresh air circulate.

Lukewarm wins: Avoid using high temperatures to dry carpets. Extreme heat will cause fibers contract. If you are using a hairdryer, or a heater, choose a lukewarm setting.

Check the Underlay. Carpet shrinkage may also be caused by the underlay. It should dry properly. Replace it if it appears to be too wet or worn out.

Stretch carpets as they dry: If there are early signs that your carpet is shrinking, you can use carpet stretching equipment or hire a carpet professional who will stretch it as it dries. This will help you to keep the original size of your carpet.

Ask for Expert Advice. If you have any questions about the carpet type or its care needs, speak to a professional first before attempting a dry. Some materials, such as wool, may shrink more easily and require special care.
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