How to clean carpets at Home

Regular Maintenance

Vacuuming carpets twice per week is ideal if you have two people get the facts. If your carpet is heavily used, vacuuming it more often may be necessary. Use a good vacuum cleaner. Enter your home in slippers or barefoot.

Carpet cleaning can be a very professional service.

To maintain your carpet warranty, you must clean it every 12-18months. You should clean your carpets on a regular basis, especially in areas with high traffic (every three to six months). Carpets that are not used as often, like bedrooms and other rooms, should be cleaned less often. The carpet in your house will last years.

Spills and spots can be cleaned.

Most people do not know the difference between stains and spots. Spots can occur when an alien substance is near or on a fiber. The fabric can be stained by food absorbed into a foreign substance.

Our new, specialized stain remover products can safely remove permanent marks. Often, this can be costly. The immediate action is cheaper and safer. The removal of stains is more difficult and costly if you leave them to dry overnight. The heat can also damage hot tea and coffee. It is best to remove spills right away.

The Spot Remover

1. You can use a paper towel to wipe away any liquid that has been spilled. You can use a teaspoon to scoop out any solids from the spill.

2. You can dampen the whole area with Action ChemDry professional spot remover or club soda, cold water, or Action ChemDry professional spot remover.

3. Use your spoon bottom to gently rub Action Cham Dry all over the affected area.

4. You can use a terry cloth to apply pressure and then blot. It is important not to rub a stain. This can damage your carpet and material.

5. This process may need to be repeated on some stains. You can check for staining by turning the towel to a clean side and checking it.

6. You can use the towel to make a small pad once the moisture transfer from the stain has stopped. Place it on the stain, and then weigh it down using books or other heavy objects.

Emergency Spills, Stains and Cleanup

Some stains and spills may be too difficult for you to handle as a home owner. ChemDry offers the solutions, expertise and equipment needed to remove even the most stubborn of stains. To minimise damage, follow the following steps in an emergency. You should:

1. Do not wait for spills to spread or penetrate the fabric.

2. Remove as much as you can with a wooden scraper

3. Work towards the middle to avoid spreading.

4. Use a paper or cloth towel to absorb liquids.

5. The spillage can be cleaned up by using warm water.

6. It is important to wet the stain/spill with water. A damp towel should be placed over the affected area to stop it from drying.

7. You can find carpet cleaning professionals in your locality.
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