How can I choose wild mushrooms?

To go mushroom hunting or picking I wake up as early as possible. For lunch I always make a cup of coffee, along with a few sandwiches. The process of mushroom hunting can be time-consuming and I am usually hungry after a few hours of outdoor activity. My tools have been organized so I am ready to start. So that I do not waste time in the morning, I carry my lunch and snacks with me. Come and visit our website search it on Soulcybin you can learn more.

Start mushroom hunting immediately. The early morning light helps you find edible mushrooms. Also, the cool atmosphere allows you to pick these out. Other mushroom pickers are unlikely to interrupt you, and before lunch you’ll be done making the mushrooms.

When I reach the selected woodland I am able to see the various trees and shrubs. I turn towards pine and maple trees to inspect the rough surface, which has been covered with pine and sapphire fine needles. Green moss is sometimes visible from time to time. As mushrooms enjoy more moisture, I look for moss in such areas. Look out for convex or outwardly curved mushroom caps. Wild edible pore fungi almost all have convex caps. This can be tinted with any type of brown, from light yellow-brownish all the way to dark-brown. More wild mushrooms are found in pine forests with darker brown convex caps.

I then walk towards oak trees, shrubs and check for convex mushroom caps. Because there is usually many leaves and mushrooms head disguised with the foliage of larch trees, this can be more challenging. When I find covered mushrooms, I’ll need to take my eyes close to the ground. The wild mushrooms found between oak trees have lighter or darker brown heads and are much more widespread.

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