Five Reasons why cryptocurrency can be the top high growth investment

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Cryptocurrency is the digital commodity that everyone is talking about. Over the last five years, crypto also known as digital currency has proved that it is full of potential. It has seen returns of 700% for the past three years, this can be a great investment that is waiting to be explored.

The conventional investor sometimes gets concerned about crypto as an investment options for a number of reasons. For one, this is not an actual currency, and thus even if you use your FIAT currency, you receive the product that is entirely digital by nature. Additionally, there isn’t a Government or ruling authority to take responsibility for crypto. The cryptocurrency format is decentralized and can be obtained from crypto exchanges online like Indus Coin. These exchanges can provide you with legitimate cryptocoins to use to trade.

Despite the stifling nature There are a lot of people who are willing to bet their money on this option. The trade analysts are enthusiastic about this new trend. Retailers and stores online accept cryptocurrency for payment. These are all positive indicators showing that crypto will be around for the long haul. If you’re in doubt about whether you should invest in it Here are five reasons explaining why cryptocurrency is the most profitable high-growth investment.

1. High-Risk, High-Return Option

Three ways to invest in cryptocurrency used to invest in:

* Holding on to Cryptocurrency For the past ten years, cryptocurrency prices have increased exponentially. It first came to market in 2009, and over the past five years have witnessed a significant increase in movement in prices. If you’re not sure about trading, then you could invest in cryptocurrency and stick to the investment. This is akin to buying gold for investment. In the beginning, you should invest modest amounts of money. The cryptocoins can be sold in the future for a greater cost and enjoy the advantages. However, make sure you keep your coins stored in an encrypted wallet, such as that offered by Indus Coin, to ensure it is safe from thieves or Trojans.

* Trading Trading literally means trading in cryptocurrency for a lesser cost, and then selling them for more. The prices of cryptocurrency are determined by the demand and supply mechanism. It is essential to keep the track of your money as you trade.

* Investing into Bitcoin mining The mining of Bitcoins is a way of funding the miners and companies which are working on solving the blockchain problems to mine cryptocurrency. You will receive your portion of the cryptocurrency once they’re created, in accordance to the terms stipulated at the time when you made your investment.

2. Current trends are positive

If you take a look at the developments of the growth of cryptocurrency as an investment strategy they are very positive. The year 2017 witnessed the market for cryptocurrency grow to 1200 percent. It means that at beginning of 2017 they were valued by $17.7 billion. It was $230.9 as of the year’s end the year. The reason for this is an increasing demand from both the institutional and retail investors as well as several big names from the industry also deciding to make this type of investment.

The crypto market has increased and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) made by many of the exchanges for cryptocurrency have brought more individuals and businesses to their investor pool. These trends are so far positively uplifting, however the danger persists.

3. It is an extremely rare material

A scarce resource is cryptocurrency. It’s interesting to learn that Bitcoin, the longest-running cryptocurrency on the market can be mined the total of 21,000,000 Bitcoins.

The blockchains of Satoshi are constructed in such a way that they can hold a high number of coins. Each cycle of mining generates certain number of coins. Within four or five years this pool becomes more difficult to mine thus the created cryptocoins change into “x/2”. It is not only a limited resource but the mining process is becoming more complex, and its output will decrease. Then, this is a sought-after item for the owner to own.

4. It is not subject to any Economic Policy

They aren’t bound by any policy of monetary or financial and do not have any concepts such as recession and inflation. You do not need to worry about any government policies that affect currency when you make investments in digital currency. It is only a matter of time in the event that one of the governments does not allow this to be a valid means of payment. The only issue is that you need to keep an eye on.

5. Exit Options are always available

It’s easy to get out of the cryptocoin market. There is no limit to the time you’d like, and eventually get out of the business. There’s no lock-in nor penalties for investing in crypto as opposed to rules set by financial institutions. The investment process is simple, which means you can withdraw early without any loss.

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