Facial plastic surgery, A Tribute to Facial Beauty

We live in an age-oriented culture. The desire to be younger, fitter and more handsome (or beautiful) continues to grow. The face is one of the most striking features on a person’s body. Face is as important as name or fame in identifying someone. Face is the human face that shows the loss of youth and beauty as we age. This can be seen by the fine lines, loose skin and bags under the eyes. Continue reading?

There are several procedures that can be used to enhance facial beauty. Cosmetic plastic surgery produces the best results. The most popular facial cosmetic procedure is the tightening of the muscles beneath the skin and the redraping to enhance, redefine or reshape different facial features. This includes procedures such as: Silicone lip enhancement, cheek implants, browlift, nose reconstruction and eyelid lift.

It can give you a more youthful appearance, but cannot reverse the process of aging. The procedure can turn back time so that visible signs of ageing are not noticeable. It also comes with some complications and risks, as it does in all surgery. The surgeon will need to consider each patient’s physical reaction, their healing ability and overall health. Most common complications include anesthesia, hematoma and infections. These can all be avoided by consulting an experienced surgeon both before and following surgery. Below are the most popular cosmetic facial procedures.

This cosmetic procedure is used to remove fatty deposits on the chin, cheeks, jawline, and neck.

The chemical peel works by creating controlled injuries on the skin, resulting in a more youthful and smoother face.

The treatment involves the injection of restylane (also known as esthelis), perlane (also called hylaform), and hylaform.

* Chin Implants: This procedure is used to create a symmetrical and balanced face using silicone implants.

The cheekbones are elevated to give the appearance of a more proportionate cheek.

The procedure involves either silicone implants or collagen injections.

This procedure is used to lift the face and remove deep wrinkles caused by weight-loss.

The forehead lift removes the furrows that create an angry appearance on your face.

* Eyelid lift: This removes bags that appear above the eyes and give the appearance of being tired.

Nose Reshaping surgery: Corrects trauma and deviated septum in the nose.

The thread lift is an advanced facial plastic surgery technique that’s less invasive and gives you a younger look.

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