English Language Types and Variations

English, with more than 500,000,000 speakers (first and second language speakers combined), is third in terms of the number of speakers after Chinese and Hindi. The English language used to be widely spoken in the past discover more.

English is a dominant language around the globe, dominating in culture, politics and the business sector. It is also a member of the United Nations’ official six languages. English, the world’s language, is both spoken and spelled differently. English is spoken in two distinct forms: British English (or American English). Oxford English Standard English (and similar variants) are adaptations from the American English to British English.

British English

British English (or UK English), is how Americans refer to English that is spoken in America, as well abroad. This term can be utilized to differentiate between UK English and other forms of written English. Commonwealth English, as it is commonly known, has become the standard term. British English at UK schools is a formalized English form with a localized emphasis on certain words.

Americans often refer to British English in reference to the English dialects of England. British nationals are able to claim that they speak “real English”, but others cannot because of their accents. Different dialects are evident in Britain. Many dialects are spoken in England. One area may have a dialect or group of languages. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all have distinct dialects.

American English

American English is the most widely used form of English. It is a mixture of old-fashioned words and newer ones. The USA is known to many people because of their love for its films, music, and books.

American English, although not a forgotten language of the past has gained in popularity. These regional variations were influenced, in particular by dialects, by the immigrant tongues. English is spoken by most people in South Africa. British English has been used to instruct English in India Australia Singapore South Africa Hong Kong. American English played a large role in the education of English throughout Asia, including Japan and China.

In other countries, there are sub-varieties or different varieties. All of the English varieties are correct or incorrect depending on who is your target audience. The differences between American and British English are minimal in their written forms. The media do have some differences, however. They are mostly determined by pronunciation, idioms, or vocabulary. As there are no American or British English standards, it is best to use one standard in order to maintain clarity, quality, and consistency. The type of English can be chosen according to personal taste.

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