Embracing the seasons: A carpet care calendar

Doesn’t the march of the seasons bring with it a symphony colors and a variety scents? Each quarter of a year has its own unique palette blog here, from the spring breezes to the crisp fall air. As the seasons pass, they also paint a picture on our carpets. The need for carpet cleaners in northern beaches increases with every leaf or winter boot found inside our homes.

Spring brings fresh air in through the windows and doors. But it can also bring dust and pollen, which will make your carpet its best friend. Professional Carpet Cleaning should always be mentioned in the flurry of spring cleaning. The floors will be refreshed, removing the remnants of the winter hibernation.

The sizzle of summer is almost audible as you enter the season. There is the pitter-pattering sound of damp toes and feet as they flee the scorching heat at the beach. The carpets of today absorb more moisture than sponges in a downpour, and can become a perfect hiding place for mildew and mold if they are not treated with sunshine diligence.

Fall is the most messy season, with the changing leaves. This is a mixtape made up of mud leaves and anything else that sticks to boots or paws. It’s important to vacuum your carpets regularly to remove all the mud and leaves that have accumulated over the season.

Then comes winter. Oh, how I love winter. It’s full of holiday cheer, and warm nights spent by the fire. The cold weather brings out the pine needles, hot cocoa, and other things. While the reduced humidity is good for your carpets and rugs, the increased traffic inside is not. Winter is a perfect time to enjoy a freshly cleaned carpet, which will make your home feel warm and clean.
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