DUI Penalties And Your Seattle DUI Fort Myers

A Seattle DUI has very serious consequences, including imprisonment, protracted period of probation, the suspension of your license to drive and possibly a criminal conviction. If you are arrested for DUI in Seattle and you are charged with DUI, you’ll be subject to several penalties that can be applied automatically. These can have the potential to impact your routine unless you are able to hire an Seattle DUI Fort Myers lawyer for assistance in proving your innocence, or to bargain down the charges, get more info?

Mandatory Minimum DUI Penalties

Washington State has mandated minimum penalty for people who have been found guilty of DUI. These penalties depend upon the fact that you were convicted of having a DUI in the past as well as how much BAC you were carrying when you were arrested. arrest. As an example, for those who have not had any prior offenses and whose BAC was lower than .15 and the penalties for a minimum offense will be 24 consecutive hours prison time as well as a $350.00 fine.

In the case of a person with only one prior conviction, on the side, a BAC less than .15 could result in a minimum of 25 days of prison time as well as an additional 90 days ‘ house arrest. In addition, the fine can go into a minimum $5000. An individual prior conviction could include any prior DUI or driving recklessly convictions in addition to any prior convictions for vehicular assault or murder.

Fines and penalties rise when you’re BAC rises or you’ve committed multiple crime. In the example above, a person who has been convicted of two offenses who have an BAC of over.15 has to spend 120 days in jail and 150 additional days under house arrest. In addition, they will be subject to a a fine of $1500.

Alongside the above sanctions, an ignition interlock device has to be put in your vehicle when you’re in the process of being found guilty of DUI in any way, not just for an initial offense.

They are the bare minimum sentences that a judge is obliged to enforce no matter your DUI situation. When you’re found guilty, you’ll be given very few choices.

Finding Help from an Seattle DUI Fort Myers

Seattle DUI Fort Myers is in a position to assist you in reducing or eliminate DUI penalties in most cases.

You may find yourself innocent you are innocent, and your charges will be dismissed, and not face any penalty if the Seattle DUI Fort Myers can successfully fight against DUI. If that’s not possible then the Seattle DUI Fort Myers may assist in negotiating a plea deal to give you the least amount of penalties.

Reach out to the Seattle DUI Fort Myers today for more information on how you can proceed in minimizing the potentially grave penalties that may result from your DUI.

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