Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery is also called Aesthetic Surgery. It includes types of hand surgery,reconstructive surgery treatment for burns and also microsurgery more info. Cosmetic Surgery IndiaIn India, cosmetic treatments match global standards of expertise and technology. Patients are now increasingly seeking out cosmetic procedures in India such as Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck & Rhinoplasty.

Types Cosmetic Surgery Breast Augmentation Surgery and Breast Implant Surgery In most cases, breast volume drops after pregnancy or a weight loss. Breast Augmentation involves the use of breast implants or fat transfers to increase the breast size. The Augmentation Mammoplasty surgery, or Augmentation Mammoplasty as it is known clinically, is done to reconstruct breasts following mastectomy.

Breast Lift SurgeryIn recent history, Breast Lift procedures, also known by the name Mastopexy (breast lift), have. Breastimplants are now outnumbered. The excess skin is removed and the surrounding tissue is tightened. Breasts lose shape due to aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breast Lift surgery helps to raise the sagging, drooping breasts.

Reduction & Lift Surgery Reduction mammoplasty helps reduce large breasts. It does this by removing the excess skin and tissue from the breasts. You can also resize your nipple/areola by removing it and repositioning it. Liposuction can help in Breast Reduction if breasts consist only of fat. This surgery normally takes around 4-5 hrs. and is performed with general anesthesia. However, for smaller reductions the surgery will be done using local anesthesia.

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