Common Carpet Cleaning Service Techniques

If you are looking for a cleaner, make sure to consider all the options continue reading. Choose the carpet cleaner you want. If you regularly vacuum your floors and can remove stains with ease, a deep clean will help keep them looking like new.

Here are common techniques that a professional carpet cleaner could use:

Hot Water

Sometimes this technique is called steam-cleaning. A machine sprays an extremely hot detergent solution onto the surface. It then immediately vacuums. Professional companies are very careful in how much water they use. If you apply too much water, the padding may soak. This can cause mildew problems and mold. The area can be re-contaminated if the detergent is too strong or if it is not properly removed.

This method is slower to dry than others. Homeowners can accelerate the drying process in certain rooms by opening windows, using air conditioners or fans.

Extraction dry or foam

Powdered detergent is used to extract dry. The powder is vibrated in the fibers by machines. The dry chemicals can bond dirt and dust to the fabric which can then be removed with vacuuming. It is common to use a pre-treatment spray. Vacuuming all the dust will prevent powder from getting on your shoes or clothes. This method, which is quick to dry, is very popular.

Foam extraction uses the same method as hot water. An air compressor creates a foamy dry product that can be used on fabrics. The foam can then be combed by rotating a cylinder brush. Best to vacuum foam while it’s still damp. You should vacuum your entire surface to remove all dirt. This technique may also take longer to dry.

Rotary Shampoo

This will allow a rotating machine to rotate and apply cleaners to the fibers. The solution will then become a dense, filth-filled foam. It can then be removed by using wet vacuuming. This technique is discouraged by many carpet manufacturers because of the potential damage brushes can do to carpet fibers. Because this is yet another wet process, drying times can be very long. When the surface becomes too wet it can shrink and even smell.

Absorbent Pad

The spray solution technique involves using an absorbent pad on a flat surface. The chemicals have to be allowed time to penetrate into the fibers. This allows the dirt to rise to the top. The chemicals are then removed by spinning a large pad. This machine is a lot like a commercial floor buff. This technique must only be performed by professionals. This can cause the carpet to pucker.

Carpet cleaning companies may use a variety of methods. All have been used in carpet cleaning for many, many years. Therefore, they all have advantages and downsides. Correctly applied, all can be used to clean most surfaces. It is important to discuss different methods of application with various companies in order to determine which technique will work best for you.
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