Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet is known to reduce dust and other indoor allergens such as mould and house dust mites. Carpet is not recommended for homes with children because it can trap dust and other allergens in the air. This could lead to asthma or other respiratory illnesses – important link?

The carpet may pose a health risk, but that doesn’t mean it should be banned from your home or office. The carpet’s vibrant design and texture can add beauty to the interior.

Clean carpet lessen allergies

Regularly cleaned and maintained carpets or rugs not only look better but also smell better. Clean carpets are healthier than carpets that have been neglected. Because a clean carpet has less dust, dirt particles, and microorganisms that can trigger allergies, it is more likely to last longer.

Who says you can’t have one at home or in the office?

There are many carpet cleaning D-IY kits available and many carpet cleaning service providers. There are many options, but it is important to choose the right product or method to clean your carpet. This will prevent it from becoming damaged.

Here are some common issues with carpet cleaning

After being cleaned, it seems to be getting dirty all over again.

After carpet has dried from the cleaning treatment, it smells musky.

Carpet colour runs during cleaning process.

Carpets that have been cleaned for a long time will need to be dried out.

Why do we prefer dry carpet cleaning to wet?

The development of dry carpet cleaning technology, or more accurately “very low moisture” (or carpet cleaning) has been initiated in order to offer a better cleaning solution to the existing wet methods. It promises to be more efficient and less likely to damage the carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning can be done in two ways:

Dry compound carpet cleaning

Use a carpet brush with an inbuilt counter-rotating brush to spread the biodegradable cleaning agent or moist micro sponges evenly across the carpet. The sponges absorb dirt and will then be vacuumed up by the machine.

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