Carpet Cleaning Myths: What You May Not Know!

The internet is awash with information on how to care for carpets. There are many tricks out there, from DIY tips to old remedies handed down by grandmothers. In the middle of it all, how can one separate truth from fiction? I once believed I was an expert on carpet cleaning until I spoke with the professionals at Carpet Cleaning Cammeray – go here. Now I want to tell you about some of the most widely held carpet cleaning myths, and the true truth behind them.

1. The carpets are new and don’t require cleaning

Even though it may be brand new, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is clean. It is possible to clean brand new carpets gently in order to remove chemicals and residue from the manufacture process. Start a routine cleaning early to extend the lifespan of your carpet.

2. Vinegar and Baking Powder Clean All Surfaces

Although this combination can work wonders for certain stains and odors, it is not an all-purpose solution. Vinegar can actually cause discoloration and fading on some carpets or dyes. Do a spot-test before you do the whole job!

3. Carpets that are regularly cleaned shrink.

The carpets do not shrink when cleaned regularly. If they are left overly wet, carpets may begin to shrink. Carpet cleaning cammeray is a professional service that ensures the carpet is properly dried to avoid shrinkage.

4. Cleaning is only necessary when the surface looks dirty

When your carpet appears dirty, contaminants and dirt have already built up. The carpet will look cleaner and last longer if you clean it regularly, even if it looks like it’s not dirty.

5. Vacuuming too frequently wears it down

Contrary to popular belief, vacuuming regularly can extend the lifespan of carpets. Vacuuming prevents dirt, grit, and other particles from getting deeper into carpet fibers and damaging them.

6. There are no differences in cleaning techniques

There are many methods of cleaning carpets. From steaming to dry cleaning, they all have their pros and con. There are some methods that are ideal for deep-cleaning, while other are good for maintaining carpets. The right carpet cleaning method is essential.

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