Carpet Cleaning for the Environment

Carpet cleaning doesn’t involve the use of toxic cleaners. Your carpet can still be cleaned effectively with simple and cheap items. Below are safe, eco-friendly cleaning methods for carpet. More bonuses?


Even though it cannot remove all dirt deep within the carpet, vacuuming can still be an important carpet cleaning tool. The regular vacuuming of carpets helps prevent soil buildup, and keeps it clean. Wet vacuums are more powerful and effective.

Stains are removed

Many carpet owners struggle with stain removal. There are some stains that can’t be removed easily, which is why many carpet owners turn to harmful and harsh chemicals. For stubborn stains that are resistant to strong chemicals you may be able to use less toxic solutions. There are many options for stain removal.

1. You can use vinegar to dissolve any dirt or stains in the carpet.

2. Warm water can be used to remove any grass stains.

3. Club soda can also be used to clean up stains left by foods, drinks or blood. Put club soda in the area to be treated and allow it to sit. Use salt to cover the affected areas. Let it soak for 10 minutes. You may substitute ammonia with hydrogen peroxide or club soda if you have stubborn stains.

4. Lemon juice and tartar can be used to remove ink stains. For about an hour leave, and then rinse off with water.

5. Cornstarch or salt can be used to absorb grease. Then leave the grease to soak overnight.

Freshening Your Carpets

A carpet owner must also deal with bad smells. All carpet owners desire their carpets smell good after cleaning. However, not all carpet cleaners remove the entire dirt. They leave behind the remaining dirt and create a unpleasant stench. There are simple tricks to maintain fresh carpets without needing harsh commercial cleaners.

1. A mixture of 14 cup vinegar, 14 cup baking powder and 14 cup cornstarch should be sprinkled on the carpet. Allow it to sit overnight before you vacuum. The carpet will smell fresh after it has been left overnight.

2. When steam cleaning, instead of using commercial carpet cleaners, make use of a combination of hot water & vinegar. This vinegar will clean out dirt and stains while also deodorizing your carpet.

3. Use full strength vinegar to clean the areas affected for approximately one week.

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